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Business Continuity Plan

 Pillars Raw Materials Packaging Materials Manufacturing Assets Power Finished Goods IT Services Natural Disaster Force majeure
Risk Level High High High High High High Low Low
Maximum Tolerable downtime (MTD) 20 Days 8 Days 5 Days 10 Days 1 Day 30 Days 20 Days
Recovery Time Objective (RTO) 10 -15 Days 5 Days 2 Day 4-5Days 12 Hours 20 Days Negligible

Code of Conduct

Sustainable Procurement

We source 97.7% of our input materials from suppliers who adhere to sustainable practices and have published their sustainable initiatives and programs in the public domain.
For Sustainable Procurement, Organisation gives preference to supplier who works on sustainability.
Our Base Raw material and chemical providers are all follows sustainability and publish their report on public domain.
We encourage small industries to adopt sustainable options and request certain documents that support their commitment to sustainability and enable tracking, for those who are not already following such practices


Jindal PolyFilms Ltd. (Global Nonwovens)
Supplier Name :
Parameters Yes/No Current Status Units Reduction Targets
Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Energy Consumption
Water Withdrawal, Consumption and Discharge
Water Pollutants


Jindal PolyFilms Ltd. (Global Nonwovens)
Supplier Name :
Waste Category Waste Generate Qty. % of Waste % of Recycle Net waste* in MT
*Net Waste : What you do with unusable waste?